The outsourcing trend has seen huge advances in recent years and we've all heard or experienced examples of   how truly "bad" choosing the wrong vendor can be. The Call Center Consultants work with only top perrforning  vendors around the country and around the world. From large to small; sized to suit any need or budget. Low volume, test or pilot programs are our specialty.  Certification and Licensing needs? No problem!

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With all the moving parts in a contact center today, it’s difficult to know if your operation is performing as well as it can.  Need justification for that new project, change in strategic direction?  Wondering how to have your staff excited to come to work? Need an objective evaluation of where you stand and how you’re doing? We can help. Take a closer look at the value we can deliver.

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No-nonsense training that produces results at a reasonable price. No kidding! We made our name in the training and followed the trends from their humble beginnings to the customer-centric, needs-based solution selling and problem solving required by today’s savvy customers.  This is hands-on, reality-based sales and/or service training that requires interactive involvement and delivers results.

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We have been in the call center/contact center industry for over 25 years.  And we’ve been sharing what we learned, and continue to learn, with clients of all sizes and industries over the years.  With The Call Center Consultants, you not only get answers to your call center questions, but also the tactical expertise to implement the solutions.  There’s no filler.   We provide you the advice, counsel and direction to succeed.

While fads come and go, nothing seems to replace involved management, sound business practices, and scalable processes.  And while there are dozens of questions and issues concerning customer-facing operations we’ve learned there is no one expert and seldom a simple answer. But in a quarter century of helping companies deal with these problems one thing has become crystal clear … the basics really do always remain the same. Our work is based on that long-standing belief. 

The “Secret” to our success is that there is no secret.  What we found is very few organizations take the time to do a job right, but are willing to do it over … and over … and over again until, like the blind squirrel … they finally find the acorn, if they’re lucky.  Let us help you find the acorn the first time out!!

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Ask us! We feel everybody’s entitled to our opinion!

Over the years we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) what works and what doesn’t. We hear same questions time and time again. We hear the same explanations and rationalizations over and over. Yes, we’ve had our advice rejected only to be adopted months or years later. Sometimes there just isn’t an easy answer, but there always is an answer!

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