Call center resources come in all sizes and flavors. Below are some companies that may be able to assist you in other areas of your call center project.

Call Center Careers:
The continued growth and innovation in the call center world has created a nonstop demand for experienced professionals. The companies and websites below are excellent sources of career advice, job opportunities, and a touchstone to the latest human capital trends in the call center industry.

www.callcenterjobs.com – A quick, free online resource that gives you a daily pulse of who's hiring whom across the call center world.

www.tmrecruiters.com – Connie Caroli and her team are the elder statespersons of the call center executive search industry. Selective, knowledgeable, and hard-working, these folks have been putting good people and good companies together for years.

Telephony Solutions:
Telephony solutions are no longer just hardware-based. Below are both hardware and hosted solutions to the most misunderstood area of contact center productivity.

www.five9.com - Five9 is one of the leaders in hosted telephony solutions.  They require no investment in capital equipment, no major technical expertise, and can have a fully functioning solution in place in days instead of week. ACD, autodialer, perdictive solutions are all possible. Simply supply agents with computers, headsets and broadband internet connections.                                       

www.cisco.com - One of the pioneers in VoIP technology, CISCO continues to innovate and stay ahead of the pack when it comes to the latest and most reliable telephony solutions. Not the most inexpensive, they're the go-to team is you need it done right the first time and you're value shopping rather than price shopping. 

Call Center Associations and Professional Organizations:
Keeping up with the latest innovations, government regulations, legal issues and maintaining a network of fellow professionals is what the organizations listed below are all about. Invaluable learning!

www.The-DMA.org - The Direct Marketing Association has been a leader in bringing innovative call center people and ideas together for over two decades and provides some of the most comprehensive training and first-hand experience at its annual conference.

www.ATAconnect.org - The American Teleservices Association was one of the true pioneers in the call center and teleservices industry and has been a tireless advocate of the industry's interests at all levels of government.

www.callcentermanagers.org - The Association of Call Center Managers is a professional association dedicated to advancing the profession of call center management. The ACCM's Mission is to advance the profession of call center management by providing networking, peer mentoring, research, education, and other vital resources that elevate the role and value of a call center leader.

Publications, Seminars
Great sites to visit and ongoing resources that keep you in the know.

www.incoming.com - Incoming Customer Management Institute is the final word in incoming call center everything! From their Annapolis, Maryland headquarters, ICMI has offered what has become the basic training in inbound call center management. If they don't know it, it isn't worth knowing.

www.callcentermagazine.com - Call Center Magazine was the original “freebie” that arrived at every cal center manager's desk each month and has tutored a generation of us. More info than you can imagine.

Database Enhancement/List Scrubbing/Data Append
www.qdsgroup.com - Quadrant Data Solutions was established in 2004 to provide Business Process and Knowledge Process Outsourced services. Their strict quality-controlled processes include data cleansing, verification and linkage, web and data mining, web based research and profile building, and inbound/outbound CRM.

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