All the Clichés Apply!
All the clichés apply!  We’ve heard them and many times they go ignored. If you’re asking yourself if you should call us, think about these and then dial us up at 866-574-7566.

Pay me now or pay me later – Just like the mechanic or the dentist, that little squeak or toothache isn’t going to get better on its own.  It will get worse over time and then the fix is going to be bigger, hurt more, be more expensive and has less chance of success. 

Sales covers Sins – When things are going great, that’s the time to understand why. If there isn’t a process you can identify and replicate, then its luck, not expertise, that’s the reason for that success. And while we’ll be the first to admit we’d rather be lucky than good, that luck is going to run out.  Take the time to understand why you’re successful and ensure that success is perpetuated.

Do it right or do it over (and it always costs more to do it over!). How many”quick and dirties” does it take to make a real mess?  How many times do we catch ourselves or hear others say, ”We’ll clean up the mess later?”  There are times to be quick and nimble and there are times when we feel sure of ourselves or don’t need help and don’t ask for it, or (see  “Sales Covers Sins” above) don’t think the ”chickens will ever come home to roost”. They do.

The price of success must be paid upfront and in full. As a wise movie character once said, “Do or do not. There is no “’try’.”  The problem with telesales and customer contact is it can too successful too quickly! The number one problem we see in many operations is they have little or no experienced management staff.  The program was a “Let’s try it and see what happens” experiment that was incredibly successful and now we’re over our head. Compounding that is issue that it was probably started on a shoe-string budget and that’s the perspective that it retains today! If you want true success, you have to put in the time, spend the money, and expend the effort 100% before you are entitled to lasting accomplishments.

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