Performance Optimization There’s always room for improvement and it should start with establishing a benchmark and comparing that to best-in-class for your industry segment. We look into how your call center operation functions, top to bottom, what’s measured and HOW it’s measured, compare the results to other companies like yours, and help interpret the findings and establish goals to reinforce the good and address areas identified for improvement.

CRM Design & Implementation -  CRM has come a long way in the past dozen years. Having worked for one of the top CRM software companies and designed dozens of systems we found one fact that is as true today as it was then … Software companies exist to sell software, not solve your reporting and enterprise data needs.  Going into a CRM selection process with realistic functional requirements better ensures you get a system that does what you want, how you want without the unpleasant surprises after the check is written and the system turned on.  We can help explain it all from a layman’s view.

Sales Training -  The bookstores are overflowing with new books on revolutionary new selling theories and we all have our favorites. Each new one comes with it’s own acronym for teaching salespeople to sell.  Having carried multimillion dollar quotas at companies like MCI, Monster.com, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland, among others, we’ve learned how people buy and what behaviors, tasks and activities a salesperson needs to follow to identify needs and establish value. No nonsense, no tricks, just what needs to happen on the phone to be the best you can be. It’s amazing how much stress is removed when someone feels confident that they have the right tools to do the job! Our training is interactive, can be customized to your company, and delivery can be adapted to fit any schedule or need.


Process Reengineering –There are 7 Sins of process engineering according to Michael Hammer, the evangelist of this business science. Among them is the fact that most companies are too busy “doing” to take the time to be more efficient or effective. The Call Center Consultants provides the know-how and expertise to measure and document the business’s current state, identify the optimal processes, establish accountability, and ensure your company achieves its potential!  The feedback from this process is unfailingly refreshing and the cross-functional sharing and learning eye-opening. Let us facilitate and begin this with your team and we’re confident there will be more than one “ah ha!” moment.

Staffing – Recruiting, Hiring, Organizational Development  – Setting up, managing, and visiting with hundreds of contact center organizations led us to the conclusion that the right organization, the realistic and detailed job descriptions and scope of responsibility can add measurable returns to any company.  People feel good about themselves and their work when the job “fits”. Managers feel confident knowing their hiring decisions are based on proven performance and behavioral traits. Everyone is more comfortable when their input is welcome and their contribution valued. We can help with the right org chart, job descriptions, cross-functional behavioral interviews, and even orientation procedures.  

Management Development & Performance Coaching -  The most satisfying part of our work is helping new managers uncover and tenured managers rediscover techniques for getting the most out of their teams … and having everyone be more satisfied in the process! A very basic mistake of management is failing to develop subordinates.  We provide an easy-to-follow process and a system that enables managers at any level  to better communicate goals, hold people accountable, reward performance, mutually identify problems and issues, and resolve them with each individual.


Quality Monitoring/Performance Measurement – Without the need for expensive call recording equipment or software, we provide state-of-the-art remote call recording and provide a window into how your customers actually are being serviced or exactly what is being said on each sales call.  Working with you and your team, a custom scoring process is developed to compare individuals, teams and departments to one another and to the organizational ideal.   

Compensation Planning  -  Universally, the top complaint in the workplace is money … not enough of it or not enough for what we do!  Right next to “using the wrong measurements”, in the world of dysfunctional systems, is “paying people the wrong way”. But, when reward systems are aligned, goals and objectives tend to align, and the corporate mission follows in step.  When compensation is out of kilter with the goals of the organization, success, when and if achieved, becomes arbitrary. We can take your compensation program and ensure that everyone is paid according to their contribution and the entire system supports the company’s key performance indicators.    If you haven’t revised  your comp plan in the past two years, most likely, people are either not being compensated competitively or the company is settling for less-than-optimal performance.

Temporary Executive - Identifying the right metrics to measure, establishing the benchmarks, comparing those to best-in-class for your industry … these are the starting points for optimizing performance. We conduct a thorough study from top to bottom; what makes your contact center tick, what processes are in place, how performance is affected by the influences of recruiting and hiring, training, rewards and recognition, compensation, tools, competencies, coaching, and the alignment of all of these to the overall mission of the enterprise. We look into what’s measured and HOW it’s measured. We compare the results to other companies like yours.  We help you interpret the findings and establish goals to reinforce the good and address areas identified for incremental improvement. 

Business Process Outsourcing

Our experience over the years has enabled us to work with or for many outsourcing vendors domestically, near-shore, and offshore.  Today there are thousands of vendors and more popping up every week, so our exposure can’t be comprehensive, but we’ve visited with, had the opportunity to peer behind the “corporate veil” and into the real working of the operations of many of the tried and true vendors. We also know the new comers who have the right people and processes in place to be reliable and quickly become a trusted partner. We know who does what well, who delivers value and who’s just plain old “expensive”.  We know “cheap” from economical, where to save money and where not to scrimp.  In sum, we’ve placed tens of millions of dollars of programs with dozens of vendors and can help you do what’s right for your company.  Domestically, near – shore or offshore; contact center or back-office operations, let us take a look at what you’re spending too much money on today and recommend a  more efficient and effective solution.

Build or Buy/ Business Process Outsourcing -  Whether you’re a new company wondering how to of even IF to build your own telesales or customer care staff or an established enterprise looking to grow, reduce costs, increase sales or improve service knowing when it makes sense to build your own operation or lease the expertise from someone else will result in significant dollars difference to the bottom line.  The options that exist to deliver better, faster results to both customer-facing and back office processes are more varied than ever.  We have the expertise, experience and contacts to help you make informed decisions you’re comfortable with.

Domestic, Near-shore, Off-Shore
Politics aside, offshore outsourcing has been the victim of unfortunate PR and, rightly so, bad performance as the result of poor program design, bad quality control, and over-zealous vendors. There can be excellent reasons to move certain business functions to another country but parity is coming in the pricing and quality is still the domain of U.S. vendor for many reasons; “cultural fit” being a primary one. Still, there are alternatives that are not commonly known. We can help uncover those for you!

  • Domestic - The operation is located in the U.S. Not the only the headquarters, but the actual processing center and staff live HERE. Patriotism not withstanding, there are reasons to use a domestic vendor.
  • Near-shore – This can mean the center is located in Canada, the Caribbean, Central America or another country “nearby”.  Costs are lower and travel, if you feel you have to make the trip yourself, is more reasonable than off shore locations.
  • Off-shore – These are foreign operations usually located in India, the Philippines, Singapore, or elsewhere in the Near or Far East.

We can do all or part of the work for you.

Program Design – With hundreds of programs designed for small and large companies alike, we can design a program that meets your goals and objectives employing innovative techniques and technology, and relying on the unique expertise of one or more of the vendors available. Many times the extra value comes just because we know something CAN be done but may not always be offered as a standard solution.

RFP/RFQ preparation
Knowing what to ask for is a huge advantage.  We can help you outline your program, define your needs, clearly state your expectations, spell out the technical requirements, and ensure that each prospective vendor bids on the same program. We can also assist in evaluating vendor responses.

Short-or long-listing prospective vendors
Based on your requirements, we can assemble a list of vendors who have the requisite skills, talent, facilities, technology and personality to fit you and your program.

Vendor Management
Getting peak performance from your vendor relies on a number of factors including leverage.  Our relationships with many of our vendors allow us to leverage past and future business to ensure everything that can be done to make your program successful is being done. We ensure your vendor has the proper performance management protocols in place, review reports to identify areas for improvement or point out areas of excellence, reconcile invoices, review hiring and training practice, staffing and attrition and other factors that might affect your program’s performance.


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